Life Changing Numbers in West London

A space of your own in London might not be as out of reach as you think.  One of the major benefits of shared ownership is the low deposits required to secure a home.  The scheme allows you to buy a share of the property, for which you pay a mortgage, and pay rent for the remaining share.  £3,300 is the magic number at Union Walk at The Green Quarter (formerly known as Southall Waterside) whilst £4,560 will make the dream of home ownership possible at Junction West.  This will mean you own 25% of the property and can increase this percentage whenever you are ready until you own 100%. Situated in Southall, a thriving corner of West London, these two beautiful developments offer freedom from the restrictions of renting and somewhere to put down roots in the capital. Here, we consider what you could do to save this cash and make the jump.


The events of 2020 have forced us to re-evaluate our finances.  With shopping and socialising opportunities taken off the table, a light has been shone on our spending habits.  Consequently, many of us have revised our priorities along with our monthly budgeting, making home ownership ambitions are more achievable than ever. Shared ownership offers prospective first-time buyers the opportunity to profit from the money they’ve managed to put aside this year and make a solid investment in their future.

Whether it’s changing habits like being tempted too often by new clothes, popping to the pub after work or taking more time to plan weekly food shopping, these seemingly small lifestyle changes can make all the difference and give you the push you need to take the life changing step onto the property ladder.


These lifestyle adjustments can potentially have a huge impact on your bank balance. According to research conducted in 2019 [1], when we were all going about our daily lives as normal, the cost of the average night out was £70.56.  This means, that to secure a studio apartment at Union Walk at The Green Quarter, you’d just have to sacrifice 47 nights out!  Similarly, the deposit for a 2-bedroom apartment at Junction West would be the equivalent of 65 nights out on the town!

Another brilliant finance saving tip born out of lockdown that could be the answer to saving that all important deposit is the 2020 Envelope Challenge.  It takes a good dollop of will power and a measured amount of motivation, but what worthwhile in life doesn’t?  To get started you need 100 envelopes labelled 1 – 100.  Shuffle them up and twice a week for 25 consecutive weeks draw out two envelopes at random and put the corresponding amount of cash away.  By the end of the 25th week, there will be a total of £5,050 in the envelopes. Enough for a pad in Southall plus some left over for a new sofa.

Ditch the treats and adopting a new mindset and really could result in you reaping the rewards later.  There’s a wonderful sense of calm that people experience once they own their own home and with a few lifestyle changes, it really is achievable.

[1] https://delticgroup.co.uk/deltic-night-index/